What Is QNET? Is QNET A Scam Or Legit?

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QNET is a leading e-commerce-based direct selling business, offering a wide range of health, wellness and lifestyle products to customers around the world. QNET’s products are designed and based on the philosophy of Absolute Living.

Sub-Franchisee Of QNET In India

Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt Ltd. 

Cin Number: U52399KA2011PTC060730

QNET Ltd. has appointed Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt. Ltd. as its sub franchisee in India, a company duly incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956. 

Vihaan is in the business of direct selling various products for QNET in India in the categories of Homecare, Personal care, Skin Care, Health food supplements, Watches, and Holiday packages through e-commerce.  


QNET Products

QNET has a  huge collection of products under the company on its international platform.

However, at Vihaan Direct Selling, it has just a handful of products:

  1. Health And Wellness – Nutriplus
  2. Home And Living – Air Purifiers – Sharp, AirPure Zayn, Kent RO, Oritsu Porcelain tableware.
  3. Watches And Jewellery – Watch brands like Cairos, Bernhard H. Mayer, and Cimier.  


The QNET Compensation Plan

QNET has one of the world’s best compensation plans with 7 different compensation models with a hybrid model with multiple ways to earn. Best in training, designed by those billionaires who started from scratch.

It has so much to learn. If you follow the protocols and standard operating procedures (which is not much difficult) and don’t quit for at least 5 years, you can make a big residual source of income and change as a person.

It is like a course of 5 years and passes out with millions of dollars earned. One more important thing QNET offers is unlimited earning potential business plan (millions to billions) and you can have a practical and high success rate road-map.


Is QNET A Scam?

Definitely not. QNET is not a scam. It is genuine and has been in business for more than 20 years now. The company is registered in MCA (Ministry of corporate affairs) and has also got clearance from the Supreme Court of India. This is enough to prove the legality and existence of a company in India.

Yes, it is a genuine company. It is working legally for more than two decades now. It is a direct selling company.

It sponsored many international sports events, along with business QNET is active in social activities and charity.

The Company possesses all valid licenses required to operate its business and adheres to all statutory compliance mandated by the laws in force in India.

Vihaan is a member of CII, Karnataka, and the Health and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA) in India.

The supreme court judgment dated 2017 in favor of the company absolving it from the allegations of being a Ponzi Scam. 


Why Did People Call QNET A Scam Or Ponzi Scheme?

Companies like Qnet India were genuine but a large section of people in order to get rich quickly had formulated their own policies that did not have a connection with the business plan by selling NOT THE PRODUCTS, BUT THEY SELL THE BUSINESS ITSELF – WHICH THEY CALLED B2B (Business-to-Business).

Even though they tell others, it’s not a ‘quick-get-rich-scheme’, they did exactly that, ignoring the plan provided by the company.

In their focus to get more referrals and BVs (Business Volumes) and earn more, while anyone can register in QNET for free, they told people that once they pay, then only they can register.

Hence, they experienced failures. To avenge their failure, they started putting false allegations about the company.

The hue and cry was a manifestation of jealousy and revenge, hence the ugly faces of the corporate sector were unmasked in front of the world. Media tarnished the image of these companies, people became more hesitant to join the venture.  


How The Unethical Recruitment Is Done In QNET

As you already knew now, QNET Company is genuine but the methods the people used to sell their products are very shady and unethical.

They don’t have a regular office from where they can operate. The reason being said is that you have to pay monthly fees if a room was hired which can easily amount to more than ₹30K per month, and that seems a valid reason not to rent a room. Before the Covid-19 breakout, they generally operate from CCDs, Baristas, Starbucks, etc.

The ‘business partners’ are those fellows who try to get others into this business so that they can get their profits. And can get the amount they have invested.

Here Is My First-Hand Experience With QNET:

First of all, I got a call from my friend (sometimes it may be an old friend who never called for a long time) speaking in a hurry and in an urgent tone and asking me how I was and all.

Then when I asked back how she is she told me that she is very busy right now as she is in a ‘business meeting’. She hung up after saying that she will get in touch.

Note: It left me thinking… what did she say? A ‘Business meeting’? What kind of business as I knew she was having another job that doesn’t conduct business? I really want to know what ‘business’ she was talking about.

After 1 day, she called back. The first thing I asked was what ‘business’ she is doing for which she just laughed and told me that she will tell me when I would be available because if I am interested there is a new vacancy for which I can apply and do my side business like her. If my resume fits, then she can talk to her senior and with her reference, I might have the advantage of getting selected.

Then she asked me to fill out a resume that she sent me on my Whatsapp no. I filled it up and sent it back to her.

After another 2 days, I got a call from her congratulating me that I was selected and her senior would like to talk to me – interview me to be precise and I obliged. 

A suitable date was set for a meeting with a ‘senior partner’ who has achieved his dreams and now has earned a lot of money.

The Showing Of Plan

On the day of the meeting, I dressed like a good professional as I was told to. The meeting was held at a CCD. He points out the hurdles in my job and shows that I have nothing and can’t achieve anything from my job. Then he talks about some books and shows me some money-making concepts and focused on ‘why’ I wanted to do it. 

Then, he talked about ‘what’ is the company about, what it sells, how lucrative are the products and, HOW this can be an opportunity for someone like me to keep earning lakhs of rupees with a few years of hard work.

The emphasis was on the potential of this company – it can give me a lifetime supply of money not only for me but for my generation. 

He told me all I need to do is give at least one hour of my time daily. Heck, who wouldn’t want to give at least one hour of your time daily for 2-3 years and then reap the fruits? I could do that promptly.

He showed me the business plan and asked me to sign up without wasting time and give a token amount of at least ₹15K to my friend for the business ‘Seed Money’ and to prove that I am really interested in doing this ‘business’ he was talking about!

And then he added, that the business plans start from 3.5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs. I was shocked to hear this. Of course, you need money to start any sustainable business, he said. And I somehow agree too.

When I told him I don’t have that much money right now, he assured me not to worry as he have agents that can help me get a bank loan easily. 

The meeting ended with my assurance that I will talk about it with my family and will let him know. 

On our way back home, my friend took me to a book store where he asked me to buy 7 books. I spent ₹900 on those books.

As an avid reader, I read all the books, and my perspective on having a business and making money did change! I do feel motivated.


  1. No mention of the words ‘QNET’ or Vihaan Direct Selling’ was mentioned in the meeting nor my friend mentions it to me ( I later found out that it was deliberately avoided). I was told it was an e-commerce business but it’s not an MLM either (It’s 100% an MLM).
  2. None of the slides used in the presentation carried their logo but he did mention the parent company ‘QI Group’ based in Hongkong.

I was so convinced and I gave the token money to my friend as she was a close friend and I trusted her. I got a loan sanctioned for 5 lakhs and get it within a couple of days.

Once done with the loan and registered, I was added to their Whatsapp group and received many ‘Welcome to the family’ messages which made me feel good too. 

For the first month, I was asked to read the 7 books thoroughly again which are about having a ‘Business Mindset’ and how people become rich! My upline even asked me questions about what I read and encourage me to learn it properly.

I attended the meetings and classes which are held once a week.

I made my ‘Dream list’ – Whatever you want to become or have in the near future. Then I wrote down all my contact lists and then have to do the same as my friend did to me! That’s when I came to my senses! I later also learned that you can very well register yourself for free.

I definitely would want a refund not because the company is a fraud, but because this is not the type and kind of business I could do for the long-run especially the ‘calling’ part!

When I asked my upline ( the one who referred me and makes me sign up) for a refund as this business is not my type, I was told ‘ There Is No Refund Policy’ and that was another unethical lie told to me!

My login IDs weren’t given to me earlier. So, whether I like it or not, i was stuck in this. I feel I was cheated as the truths are hidden from me.  


How To Get A Refund From QNET

If you are in the same situation and want to get out of Qnet, here’s a way out.

One very important condition is that QNET also has a refund policy of one month in India. That means, for a successful refund, your purchase should not cross 30 days.

If your purchase was in currency other than the Indian rupee then it will take around 7 days

If you want the refund after one month then you will have to request QNET support by email as well as on-call. Request them and say that your upline hides everything from you and didn’t tell about the business and they might hear you. 

As for me, since I have already crossed 90 days, my refund was refused.

Take follow-ups on a daily basis. Send them high priority emails and don’t forget to mention your IR id in the email.

Very Important Thing You Should Remember And Do:

You have given money and so you’re the boss, not your upline. Ask for your QNET IR id, username, and password.

Go to the QNET website: portal.vihaanmarketing.com

Log in with your credentials and change your password. Don’t share it with your upline.

Once you send an email for a refund, they will create one ticket against you and send you the confirmation mail. At the same time your upline will come to know that you’ve done something, he will scold you and try to coax you into canceling your request for the refund.

Don’t listen to him, he can’t do anything from his end. QNET does not ask for the upline’s approval, it solely depends on you.

If your membership does not exceed 30 days, you will definitely get your refund back without any issues or inquiries as it was according to the company’s Refund Policy.


Do I Recommend QNET?

To be honest, No, I do not recommend QNET to anyone, and here are my reasons why:

1. If you are completely new to this online marketing thing, chances are you will never know what it is about and you are at the mercy and guidance of your upline who would not give you all the correct information you need. And when you do get to find out the truth, it would be already too late.

2. This business model is good if you already have some amount of money ( I am talking in lakhs) and never mind showing off your wealth to others.

3. I could burn my butt doing all the hard work but I do not want to keep on calling people to coax them into buying their membership.

4. You need to give a lot of time and energy.

5. You need to have some money to spend on your daily expenses to show the business plan or go for meetings with other members of your team daily. ( Now due to Covid-19, everything is done with video conference).

6. No doubt, it is an MLM – Multi-level marketingwhere you earn more money according to the number of sign ups you have under you.

7. For such a large amount of money, there are many ways of starting your own business which is far less cheap and much more effective.

8. If you give that much effort and time into other businesses which you are passionate about, there is a very rare chance that you will fail, and that too with much less monetary investment.

If you do have some amount to invest, I strongly suggest you check Which Online Course Is Best To Make Money.

These courses will teach you from scratch – doesn’t matter if you are completely new and have no idea what it’s all about.  These are actionable and practical ways to genuinely make money. Just enroll in one of these courses. 

As long as you are willing to invest in yourself to learn a new skill, you are good to go. This will help you make money faster and more ethically instead of cold-calling someone! Believe me, you will be thankful that you’ve followed what I’ve said!

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