What Is AI Content Writing And Its Benefits?

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AI Content Writing is the process of using AI software to generate content such as articles, blog posts, and other forms of content. The AI software uses artificial intelligence to predict and produce various forms of texts, based on the input made by the users.

This AI technology is capable of creating powerful blog posts, blog topics, amazing stories, slogans, brand names, marketing copy, landing pages, lyrics, etc.

Benefits Of Using AI Content Writer

AI Content Generator has numerous benefits. This software is more helpful if you are a fiction writer- for creating interesting and mind-blowing stories on horror, sci-fi, romance, or even business.

Here I have listed some of the most prominent benefits of using an AI Content Writer.

1. No Writer’s Block.

If you are a writer, you would definitely face a situation where you ran out of ideas or are not able to give a twist to the story you have written.

However, with AI software, you will never have that kind of block. Each sentence you input will create new ideas. No more lack of ideas.

2. Unlimited New Ideas.

If you lack ideas or don’t know in detail about a topic you want to write about, just input a word or phrase in the AI software. You will get relevant and new ideas to write about. 

With the help of an AI Content Creator, you will actually never run out of ideas for your story. You need not worry about the story plots, the software will take care of that too. All you need is to enter a few lines and then watch the software produces its own interesting storyline based on your data.

3. Increase Your Writing Speed And Productivity.

You need not spend much time thinking about new ideas and as a result, your speed will increase, you might be even 10X faster in producing your content within a few minutes or even seconds.

For a writer, not only is it difficult to find the exact and right word you want, it is also difficult to get the right sentence structure. But if you take the help of an AI Content Creator, it will give you more options with your words and sentences. Some AI software even allows you to choose from different variations. You just have to choose which variations you like best. This in turn, will help in your increase in production and growth of your business.

4. No Grammatical Error.

The AI tools mostly come with a grammar checker and so you need not worry about the sentence construction or any grammatical error, whatsoever.

5. Multipurpose Use.

The software will not only give you stories, but you will also be able to create promotional materials, generating top copy writings, video ideas, SEO optimized content and titles, and Ads copy, to name a few.

And so, you need not spend a huge amount of money to hire a professional to do your work as the software will do everything for you at much a cheaper price and within a very short span of time.

How To Choose The Best AI Content Generator

Which AI would be the best choice is actually difficult to say!

You might have to try two or three tools to finally decide on which one gives you the best results as each AI tool comes with its own features – its positive and negative points. It is up to you to finally decide on which tool you want to settle for according to your work requirement.

Nevertheless, here are some criteria you must keep in mind while choosing which AI Content Creator will best suit your needs.

NOTE: Regardless of which tool you go with, it is a good practice to go through the generated content and make some edits so that it sounds more like a human.

#1. Supported Language

All AI tools supported the English language. While some support only one, most AI writer supports different languages. If you would want to write in other languages, make sure the tool you choose supports it.

#2. Unlimited vs Limited Characters

A 50,000 words credit or more per month might look enough if you don’t write often. However, if you are someone who writes on a daily basis, the limits can be easily reached before you even know it! In this case, opting for an unlimited credit will allow you to continue your work without the fear of running out of monthly credits.

#3. Form vs Editor Based Tool

Form-based tools have options like a form that you fill in and hit the enter option. You can start with your title, select the tone of the voice, and language, and then hit the enter button. Your desired content will be produced in a few minutes.

While an Editor-based tool will allow you to edit the generated content according to your wish and re-phrase them again. Some tools come with both options.

#4. The Pricing

Most AI tools are priced between $29 and $59 per month on a subscription basis.

There are some great lifetime deals – you pay once for lifetime access, and the offers won’t last forever!

Though it might not be a lot at the start, if your work didn’t generate enough income on what you paid for, you might want to opt for the lifetime deals, which is a no-brainer.

You must also remember that the software with the best offers might not be the best fit for you.

Right now, Jasper is the best advanced AI software you will find in the market. The downside is that, it is a little pricey.

You can see my full comparison and review of the most popular and trending AI Content Generators here.

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