What Is A Non-Fiction Book?

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A non-fiction book basically refers to literature that is based on facts. The purpose of a non-fiction book is to provide accurate information on any topic stated regardless of the subject matter and the contents are expected to be accurate!

These books are reliable as they are based on actual incidences or are scientifically proven and can be used as references. Memoirs are also a kind of non-fiction book.

Kinds Of Non-Fiction Books

There are four main categories of non-fiction books.

1. Narrative Non-fiction

Narrative non-fiction books are based on facts but written in the style of a story. It uses chapters to structure the books rather than organizing the work by topic.

Examples of narrative nonfiction are biographies and memoirs.

2. Expository Non-fiction

Expository nonfiction explains historical facts and events, fashion trends, or any natural phenomena including science and philosophy books. These types of expository nonfiction books need extensive research on their topic to provide the most accurate information to the readers.

3. Persuasive Non-fiction

In persuasive nonfiction, the author takes a position on a topic and uses facts to support the topic to convince the readers. An example of persuasive nonfiction can be an editorial in a newspaper.

4. Descriptive Non-fiction

The writer uses rich details, and figurative and attractive language to help readers understand the information provided in descriptive nonfiction.

Examples of descriptive nonfiction can be guide books like travel guides, sports guides, etc.

Types Of Non-fiction Writing

Non-fiction writing has many genres and can be broadly classified into 11 categories (my own classification). Here are 11 of the most common non-fiction type of books:

1. History

History is a nonfiction writing genre that describes historical events and eras based on facts and true incidences. Primary and secondary sources are used to create history books. Historical nonfiction books present true stories.

Example: History: From the Dawn of Civilization to the Present Day. 

2. Textbook

Textbooks provide comprehensive information to help readers learn about a particular subject. They are usually part of a curriculum and textbook authors are researchers or educators who have in-depth knowledge about the topic.

3. Science

Science nonfiction writing basically describes academic research and might also include technical information. It also includes an appendix of scientific proof to support the writer’s statements to further the reader’s knowledge.

Example: Science! (Knowledge Encyclopedias).

4. Religions And Spirituality

Religion and spirituality nonfiction often focus their writings on a specific belief system. While some books describe the author’s personal experience, some are self-help books for readers who want to grow spiritually.

Example: Does God Really Care?

5. Essays

Essays book often gather several writings of the same author or from multiple authors and club them under one theme. They are often personal and introspective.

Example: 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think.

6. Journalism

Most journalism nonfiction writing is seen in newspaper articles or magazines. Journalism also includes different types of media like TV news reports of current events that are relevant to the target audience.

7. How-tos, Manuals, Guides, Self-help, And Instructions

How-tos manuals and guides provide practical instructions and steps and experienced-based advice to solve problems and achieve specific goals.

Examples can be tutorials, cookbooks, crafts and hobbies, travel guides, financial management, health and wellness, Parenting, Business management, any educational guides, etc.

8. Memoirs And Autobiographies

Memoirs and autobiographies tell a story about the author’s life. While memoirs focus on a specific event or an experience in the author’s life, autobiographies describe the writer’s experience on their entire life’s journey.

Example: Open Book.

9. Biographies

Biographies are life stories and experiences about someone other than the author. The authors need consent from someone with whom they write the story if that person is still alive.

Example: Elon Musk The Kid Who Touch The Stars.

10. Language Books

Language books are kind of guidebooks that teach people how to communicate in a new language. Authors of language books are experts in the language they write about.

Example: Learn Spanish.

11. Humor

Humor nonfiction book is created to amuse readers. It can be the humorous side of memoirs of someone or the author that can ignite logical or illogical reasoning or common sense.

These books also discuss personal and social issues which people often ignore with humor.

Example: 1001 One-liners And Short Jokes.

To sum up, there are more than 11 categories of non-fiction writing. However, most categories can fit into these 11 types mentioned above.


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