VClub Real Or Fake? (Latest Review)

vclub latest review
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With the increase in people looking out for making easy money online, there is numerous software that promises you money in return. However, the sad thing is most of them are fake! Period.

One of that software is VClub.

I was surprised to see it got more than 30K subscribers and have tons of traffic to its site, mainly from India. 

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Having seen the number of people who are in this app, you might be tempted to join it and also make 1 Crore as it shows in the app.

I doubt if all this is possible with VClub. But, you can actually Become An Affiliate Millionaire with this!

Surprisingly, when I search for more about the company, there is no detail about the company, owner, or address.

This is how VClub Works

It works by taking money from you and giving it to someone else and the same money is credited to your account.

To coax you into registering, it will credit ₹121 when you register. It also gives a very attractive referral bonus of up to 3 levels with 45%, 20%, and 10% earning from the bonus.

To be able to access all the features, VClub requires you to make a recharge of at least ₹200. 

You can earn money by predicting the colors which will be shown on the dashboard, recharge with a higher amount which will give a higher profit ratio according to the amount you invested, and by referring to your friends.

Is VClub Real Or Fake?

Here are many things which are red flags and an indication that VClub might not be as trustworthy as you might feel!

1. No Company Details

When I was looking for the domain ownership, there is no name or address to be seen.

is vclub real?

VClub purchased its domain name from Godaddy in 2020 but there are no other details of the company.

If you search on Google, you will also find no information about the website at all. However, the website name is shown. It also means that the website prevented Google from creating a page description, but didn’t actually hide the page from Google.

If it is a legit app, why should it hide details from Google?

2. You Have To Register To Know What Is It All About.

When you come to the website, it will not show you anything except the registration or log-in page. There is no other option to know about the company at all. This is one thing which you must be concerned about. 

If the company is legit, it must give details before someone has to register. But, VClub has no such thing. This is what you will see only.

Is vclub real?

3. No Company Details In The Message Or Inside The App

When you register with your phone no, you will receive an OTP. I was expecting to see a message that indicates it is from VClub as you would receive from other companies saying, ‘ the OTP for log in for this company is … ‘ or at least you know you have received a message from that particular company as the company name is mentioned in the message.

However, with VClub I got an OTP from QP-DEEPRM – Your RDK OPT CODE is …!

If you think this is something you can overlook, fine. 

But then, when you log in, the first thing you want to know is what is the company’s real business and how it works.

So, I searched for the about section.

is VClub fake?

To my surprise, there is nothing. No details about the company nor the office address.

Just the Privacy Policy and Risk Disclosure Agreement.

Like I said before, a genuine company would certainly state about the history and details of the company ( that does not guarantee the company is legit but still ) and address.

Normally, you won’t lend money to anyone whom you don’t know. And the same thing applied to VClub. When you don’t know about this company detail, how can you invest money!

This also indicates the company is not trust worthy! 

4. It Offers You Unbelievable Returns

Becoming a Crorepati might be easy for those business-minded people who already have a clear idea of what they are doing.

However, for a common man, it is not easy. 

Believe me, you actually need a proven method and strategy to amass such wealth!

To lure you into investing, VClub credit ₹121 instantly when you register on their platform.

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It also lures you to invest money for high returns.

Some people might have got the returns so that they can invite others to join the company with the proofs of their withdrawals.

But, I must warn you this won’t be the case with everyone.

A friend of mine who invest a huge amount of money in IKKR got scammed recently.

He was able to invest and got money in return – 300% for the last 5 months until the company shut down with no other information.

I looked at the company website that time, and it sure does look like it’s legit. The website gave you enough details about the company and how it works, how you can earn and much more! Still, it was a scam!

5. You Cannot Withdraw Without Recharging First

This might not be that much of concern to many due to a few reasons like verifying you are genuinely using the platform.

However, there are many reviews that state they could not withdraw the money even after referring to other people, do the color prediction after recharging their account!

Is VClub Fake?

I have created an account in VClub just to know if it’s really genuine. However, the details I mentioned are enough proof not to trust VClub. So, I didn’t make any recharge or try to refer someone.

Some people might have withdrawn enough money to spread trust about this platform, however, it won’t be long before those people will also lose the money they have invested in VClub. Sorry to say about it.

I have been scammed on platforms like this many times and here is my final verdict on VClub.

My final say is VClub is definitely a SCAM to loot your money!

Remember, no company will ever give you money for FREE just like that!

So, do not waste your money and time on these scammy apps.

Instead, if you really want to earn money enroll in profitable courses like Affiliate Marketing Mastery and make money the legit way!

You can also very well make money from Social media platforms like Facebook, which you are using daily!

Or get paid to review apps by using your phone.

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