Is Jasper Ai Worth It?

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Copywriting tools are so popular these days and the best friend a content creator could ask for. No need to burn the midnight oil or break your bones trying to come up with new and interesting ideas or topics. The AI content generator will do all the hard work for you.

It makes copywriting so super simple and helps copywriters, content creators, business owners, digital marketers, influencers, and authors to create unique content and brought the business to new heights.

I tried using other AI Writing Tools as I think Jasper is too expensive, but the output I get with Jasper is far more readable than the others. I honestly think Jasper is worth every penny spent.

It gives you unique contents and increases your work flow 10x times there by saving you tons of time which you would be spending on creating the same thing by your own!

You will see the reason why I felt Jasper is the go-get-it AI tool available right now!

What Is

Jarvis ai


  • One of the most advanced GPT-3 AI writer.
  • Generate engaging content from scratch.
  • 100% unique SEO optimized content.
  • 7 days money-back guarantee.
  • Best choice for long content creation.


  • Little expensive.
  • Need to enter your Credit Card details for the trial.
  • Needs manual editing of contents sometimes. (No matter which tool you choose, you need to make some edits).

Content Score


Quality Score


Grammar Score


Our Score


Jasper is one of the most powerful and superior AI writing tools you will find on the market. It comes with an automatic Plagiarism check and uses Grammarly to improve the grammar and punctuation. It works in more than 25 languages. And the contents are SEO optimized. which is formerly known as and is a highly SEO optimized copywriting tool that uses GPT-3 technology to create high-quality marketing content copy. GPT-3 stands for Third Generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer which is a sophisticated neural network machine learning tool that uses deep learning to produce any form of content which are human-like from the internet data.

If you are a content creator, generating high-quality content regularly can be daunting and time-consuming. Jasper will do all the heavy lifting for you as Jasper is one of the most advanced GPT-3 based AI tools that generate innovative and unique ideas and content for marketing needs in few a minutes.

With Jasper, you actually can supercharge your content writing – doesn’t matter if you are writing for a book, website, ad copy, or video … Jasper will ease the hardship from you. Features

Some of the most prominent features of Jasper are:

Grammar: Grammar check, Tone check, Sentence formatting.

Formatting: Plagiarism check.

Content: Content idea recommendation, Content generation.

Product Type: Standalone application.

The latest Feature by is Called Recipe. recipe is another great feature that is added by the Jasper team. They are outlines. It is a series of pre-built workflows that include a series of Jasper commands to help you create better content that ranks in Google by using a repeatable process to create content. It allows you to create your own recipe or save recipes shared by other members of the community.

Examples of Creating Content using Jasper Recipes:

This is a boon if you have a blog site.

All you have to do is enter the following –

  • Write blog title ideas.
  • Write an article brief about … (your topic).
  • Write an introduction (on the topic).
  • Write a blog outline (on the topic).
  • Write a blog conclusion (your topic).

After you entered what you want, run the commands one by one. Jasper will find out the topic to generate blog title ideas, and write an intro paragraph for your blog topic. Make the edits wherever you feel like it. And lo, your content is ready for publishing.

>> Go To Jasper’s Official Website For Feature Details <<

Jasper Pricing Plans:

How To Use Jasper

Jasper will write your content in three easy steps after you select the template of your choice.

1. Company or Product Name:

It will ask you to enter your main keyword or ad copy upon which you want to create your content.

2. Product Description:

The content generated by Jasper will depend on the product description you enter. It is a short summary of what you want. The more precise your description is, the more your content will be unique. You can add important keywords which you want Jasper to cover in your content. In short, it is giving ideas to Jasper to write on.

3. Tone of Voice:

You have to select from the different tones of voice Jasper offers. Choosing the right tone of voice will help in good conversions for marketing ad copy also.

Reasons To Choose

  1. It is one of the most advanced copywriting tools.
  2. Easy and clean UI and UX.
  3. It removes writer’s block.
  4. It generates high-quality human readable long-form content.
  5. It saves tons of your time.
  6. It generates content which are highly SEO optimized.
  7. It has 4.9/5 stars with 10,000+ customers around the world.
  8. It offers 50+ content-optimized templates.
  9. You can use it for a variety of tasks, from writing blog posts to crafting product descriptions and etc.
  10. Jasper is always up-to-date.

Final Say On Jasper AI Tool 

One cannot completely rely on AI-powered software, nevertheless, the significance they played in today’s world is worth trying for! They enormously increase productivity much faster than you can imagine!

You need to do some manual edits regardless of which AI tool you are using. And Jasper offers the most highly human-readable content which is SEO optimized and it’s by far the best tool you will find in the market as of now!

To be able to take the full advantages of using Jasper or any other AI content creator when you know what you are doing and what you want and you have the necessary skills. The best place to find a course that will teach you the skills you required for free or at a cheap price is Udemy. You can also lookup up YouTube videos.

However, many of the videos were of clickbaity types that won’t tell you what you really need to do to become skilled at what they were teaching. The thing is they get paid by YouTube for gaining tons of views! 

Do I Recommend Jasper?

Definitely yes. Like I said before, I felt every penny spent is worth Jasper after trying other AI Writing Tools, wasting my time and money as I think Jasper is too expensive.

Another reason is the sheer time it saves me in creating content. Trust me, you are wasting your time on things that a machine can manage with a few clicks and in no time.

If you seriously want to grow your business, I can proudly say that Jasper is one of the best tools you won’t ever regret using!

FAQs On Jasper AI Software

Is Jasper AI software free? Does Jasper have a lifetime deal?

Jasper AI is not free though you can try it for free for 5 days. Right now, Jasper does not offer a lifetime deal. The price has already increased from $29/month to $49/month in their starter plan for a 35K words!

How good is Jasper AI?

As of now, Jasper is the most recommended tool by thousands of people, with 4.9/5  star ratings from 10,000 users across the globe.

What Is The Best Jasper Alternative?

If you still think you cannot afford Jasper as of now, the best Jasper alternative you can use is with a $29/month subscription. It also gives you 5K word to use per month in the free version.

Can AI-generated content be used in blog articles?

You sure can use AI-generated articles in your blog. In fact, the articles are mostly SEO optimized and unique.

It is recommended to make a few edits to the content to make them more like humans regardless of which software you use.

Do AI Content Writing Tools Provide Unique Content?

AI story writing tools are capable of providing unique content. They provide you with quality human-readable content that you can use anywhere. If you’re looking for a more advanced AI-based content writing tool that can provide both unique and engaging content, then I highly recommend you to choose over other tools.

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