How To Make Money With YouTube

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Some Facts About YouTube

  • There are more than 1.8 Billion YouTubers in the world.
  • There are more than 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute on YouTube
  • Around 5 million videos are watched all over the world on YouTube every day.
  • A study shows that by 2020, 80% of the global internet traffic will be from YouTube videos alone!

Who Are YouTube Videos For?

Anyone, yes literally anyone can start a YouTube channel!

But, the question is whether you want to use YouTube to create authority, influence, and profits in the marketplace.

People are seeking human connection and experience. You get followers by being yourself.

If you like being on camera or like making videos, then you can try out making YouTube videos.

If you are wondering, How to make money in YouTube, then you are in the right place.

How To Create Channel On YouTube

Let’s talk about how you can create a YouTube channel that can give you passive income.

Creating a YouTube channel is simple and easy and it’s free.

Step: 1. Firstly, you need to decide on the channel type or name you want.

If you are not sure how to name your channel, it’s fine. You can name it anytime you want.

Step: 2. If you do not have a Google account (Gmail), you need to create one.

Step: 3. If you have created a Gmail account or already have one, search for in your browser if you are using a computer. 

The YouTube app is already pre-installed on most smartphones too.

Step: 4. Click on the YouTube logo and you will see the page opening.

At the top right, you will see a ‘Sign In’ button.

how to make money in youtube
Step: 5. Click on the sign-in and you will be taken to the Google page to enter your email address and password.
enter your email address.
Now the YouTube homepage will open like below.
how to create channel in youtube

Step: 6. Click on the ‘Icon Logo’

Keep in mind the alphabet logo is the first letter of your name.

If your name starts with S, then you will see an S.

Now when you click on the logo, a dropdown will be shown.

Under the manage your Google Account, select the ‘Create a channel’ option.

Step: 6. It will ask you ‘How you’ll appear’.

You can upload a logo, picture of your choice.

Enter the name of the channel you want to create.

Your email registration name need not necessarily be the channel name.

You can put any name – Any name which you want for your channel.

You can also change the channel name anytime you want.

Then click on the ‘Create Channel’ at the right bottom.

Your channel is now created.

You can upload your videos right away.

Or you can later upload them by clicking on the ‘Video icon’.

how to upload Youtube videos

How To Make YouTube Videos

#1. Deciding the Niche.

A niche is in simple language a  particular type or category of one of similar kind of things.

You must decide on what niche or category you want to create a video for.

Making YouTube videos is not difficult if you just have to shoot something like street food, moving buses or cars, and the likes which do not require any face recording or editing.

It can be done from a decent smartphone.

However, you are seriously looking for how to get paid from YouTube, and this requires you to be creative.

Your videos need not be the best of quality, but if it conveys clearly something which the audience is searching for, then you are sure to get views and subscribers in a short time.

But if you decide to have a review site, but do not want to show your face, you need to collect images or video clips for the products you want to review.

You will need to give an effort to give out the best video you could.

There are many options you can choose from for your channel – reviews, tutorials, commentary, gaming, vlogging, art, mostly the ‘How-tos’ videos work well. 

You can create content based on business and finance, health and fitness, and relationships as these are the evergreen contents that won’t get outdated and they will be relevant in the years to come.

It will also give you passive income down the road.

Whatever Videos You Are Creating, Your Videos Should Fall Under Either One Or Both Of These Two Categories-

  1. Does it make people laugh or entertain them? 
  2. Does it give value or information to my audience?

If your videos do not fall into either one of these questions, then it’s of no good.

So, you must base your videos on either one of these or both!

You can create and upload all types – that is a mixed kind of content.

However, it will be difficult for the YouTube algorithm to figure out your niche and promote your content.

It is better to choose a particular topic or category for the YouTube Algorithm to notice your channel.

Moreover, it will confuse your audience.

Like you upload content which is on finance and the next day you upload something about food.

It is not related.

Not only it will reduce your subscribers, but you also will not be taken as an authority in that niche.

To build a strong follower, you need to show that you know what you are talking about!

So, try to make content based on a specific niche.

#2. Do Market And Keyword Research.

Your success with creating a channel on YouTube will depend on how well you do your research on what is selling and what people want.

Do not ignore keyword research for what is trending.

Additionally. you can type in the keyword you want to search in the Google or YouTube search bars.

You will see that the words will try to be auto-populated and complete with what people are searching for.

Generally, the words or sentences that auto-fill and at the top are the most search terms on the net.

You can take an idea from there.

You will be able to know how much and how many people are exactly searching for it when you search them using free tools like Google Trends,, Google Keyword Surfer.

These tools are free and might not be exactly accurate, however good enough to give you the required data you will need.

Your keyword is one of the main factors for which people will find you.

Also, having a proper and good keyword title will boost your ranking in the search engines.

You can then come up with the video title which will make people click on your video and want to watch them.

#3. Collecting Your Resources For YouTube Videos.

If you are an affiliate, trying to promote your products, you will not have many problems with the promotional materials as many vendors make sure their affiliates got the best tools to increase sales because the more sales will bring them the more money.

Still, you will need to be creative and do something which will make your content stand out so that you will get noticed.

Download the images and video clips from the vendor sites or from copy-right free sites like Pexels and Unsplash.

For the audio part, you can use the YouTube Audio Library.

You will get tons of music there.

Audio/music is one of the most content that can get you a copyright claim or strike.

So, it is always safe to use the music from YouTube itself.

Click your Logo on the top right corner >> Select YouTube Studio (3rd Option) >> Scroll down the left side menu >> Audio Library.

#4. Start Creating Your YouTube Video.

Once you collected and downloaded the images, video clips, and audio clips, it is time to create your YouTube videos.

You can use any of these free software – Canva, InVideo, Filmora.

You can check out any tutorials if you are unclear on what exactly you have to do.

You can use Canva to create attractive thumbnails also.

Besides, in Canva, you will find lots of images and videos that you can use for your videos.

You can actually sign up for the Canva Pro version for a month by entering your credit card details and then unsubscribe before the billing period if you are not willing to pay or can not pay.

You will get plenty of resources from the free version of Canva but subscribing to the premium version will allow you to use all the images and videos without any watermark, which is worth the price you gave.

You can do many things with Canva apart from making thumbnails, and videos, you can create pdf, T-Shirt designs, KDP Books, Create Templates, Posters, and much more!

In fact, it is my favorite software to go for most of the time apart from Adobe Premier Pro which I use for editing videos.

You can try Canva here.

If you want to put your audio record, you can do so within this software.

However, if you do not want to record your won audio but want to include audio, there are many text-to-audio converters.

The audio quality will be more likely robotic.

If you want your audio text to sound as humanly as possible, then you can use Speechelo, which is a premium version for text converter.

The voice quality is very close to the real human sound and many YouTubers also use it for their faceless videos.

A good thumbnail is a must-have because that is the first thing that will make people pick your videos over others. Try to make high-quality videos.

Create an icon and your own logo so that your channel or channels will have professional looks.

You can make money by creating Faceless Youtube videos as long as your content is good.

YouTube rewards good content, the longer people watch your videos, the better.

Remember that: Your content should focus on quality and giving value to your audience. 

#5. YouTube Video Setting.

The normal video ratio for YouTube videos is 16:9 which is 1920 x 1080.

For Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok, the video ratio is different which is just the opposite ratio. That is 1080 x 1920 or 9:16.

If you are creating videos for YouTube shorts, the video ratio should be 1080 x 1920 or 9:16 which is the same as the Tiktok video size.

Be careful not to make your video more than 60 seconds if it is for YouTube shorts. If the video you created for shorts is more than 1 minute long, YouTube won’t consider it as shorts. 

#6. Naming Your Video And Tags For SEO.

Once you download your finished project, name your video with the Title for which you have your video made.

Click on the video icon and upload it to your channel.

Write a good description in which you mention the keywords in the first two lines.

If you need to give credit for any images, videos, or audio, mention it in your description.

Put your affiliate links in the comment and pin them. You should also put them in the description box.

A proper tagging of your video will make sure that you are seen in the search result.

Even though it might be easier to rank on YouTube, you must implement good SEO. 

The TAGS are very important. YouTube tags are plural sensitive, so you must put as many tags as possible that are relevant to your videos.

For example: If your video is about video games, your tags should include, ‘video game’ as well as ‘video games’. 

Your Description should contain at least 3 keywords related to your video content.

Don’t repeat the same word again but use a synonym word and don’t overdo it.

Do not forget to use this effective chrome extension tool TubeBuddy which will show you tags and stats like SEO score, keywords, number of views, and much much more! 

#7. Create A Plan And Uploading Schedule.

1. You must plan ahead on what type of video content you are going to make.

2. How long will your videos be (duration)?

3. Create social media profiles and promote your videos after you upload them. 

4. How often should you be uploading videos, once a week, daily, etc?

5. Upload your videos at the same time each day so that people can anticipate when you will be uploading them in the future.

Preferably uploading in the late afternoon time might help to increase your traffic rather than uploading it late at night or early morning due to the obvious reasons that most people will sleep at night or won’t have time in the morning hours.

6. Reply to queries or comments you’ve got about your videos on your channel. Interacting with your audience is good for SEO.

Whatever frequency you decide on, stick to that.

Uploading 3 videos a week will gain you more traction,  but you should be committed to uploading 3 videos per week for at least a year or so!

If you think it might not be possible, then you can stick to uploading one video per week consistently for years!

#8. Copy And Paste YouTube Videos.

What if you don’t really want to create your own videos and reuse other videos that are available?

Not a problem if you are aware of the ‘Youtube’s Policy on Fair Use’. You can recreate them.

All you have to do is to download videos from the Creative Commons of YouTube itself.

These videos can be reused for training or educational purposes.

Click on the 3 lines at the top left of your channel.

You will see the ‘Filter’ option.

Click on the ‘Filter’ and you will find ‘Creative Commons’ under the Features. You will find many videos there. 

#9. Monetizing Your YouTube Channel.

You need to have 2000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to be eligible for the YouTube monetization program.

That means you need to be consistent in posting your content for the beginning months, at least.

YouTube has introduced a $100 million YouTube Shorts fund for rewarding creators for their dedication to making creative, original Shorts that delight the YouTube community.

Creating viral YouTube shorts can allow you to receive some of the funds.

To boost your engagement, interact with your audience in the comments section and reply to their queries or comments to build trust and bonding.

Your channel or video should not have any strike if you have to apply for monetization.

You can read the YouTube Monetization Policy here.

Of course, success won’t come to you overnight, but if you continue uploading good quality content videos regularly, your hard work will pay off one day. 

There are many YouTubers who earn massive amounts of money from their YouTube channels.

You can be the next one too. It entirely depends on You!  

How To Download YouTube Videos

A few years back, it was easy to download YouTube videos using YouTube Downloader app. However, it’s not the same case now. 

I will tell you three ways in which you can download any YouTube videos.

#1 Way To Download YouTube Videos

  1. Open the YouTube video you want to download.
  2. Add the letters ‘pwn’ between as shown in the image in the URL of the videos you want to download. That is – after www. and before youtube.
  3. Press enter and you will find options to download your videos.

#2 Way To Download YouTube Videos

  1. Open the YouTube video you want to download.
  2. Add the letters‘ss’ after www. and before youtube.
  3. Press Enter and download your videos according to the format of your choice.

#3 Way To Download YouTube Videos

  1. Open the YouTube video you want to download.
  2. Remove the word ‘ube’ only from the URL.
  3. Press Enter and you will find options to download your videos.

Another way is to use Savenet or other YouTube video downloaders which you will find in Google search.

However, I would advise you to create your own videos. It doesn’t need to show your face either if you don’t want to!

You can prepare slides using PowerPoints or use any software of that sort and screen record with Filmora or  Bandicam

You can create your intros and outros easily using Canva also. If you are good at using Adobe, then these softwares were nothing compared to it.

However, with the ease of use without very over-crowded options and functions, you will be good at using either Filmora or Bandicam.

If you do not want to create your own videos, the Make Money From YouTube Without Creating Your Own Videos course may be your best option.

Advantages Of Making YouTube Videos

  • You don’t need any specific qualifications.
  • Videos can be made from an iPhone or any good-quality camera phone.
  • You don’t need an office or company to make YouTube videos.
  • You don’t need millions of views to start earning money.
  • Anyone can upload or post videos from anywhere in the world.
  • It does not require any upfront investment to start.
  • Your uploaded videos can earn you passive income months after months or years (if it contains valuable content).
  • You have huge potential for earning.
  • You can make videos on anything… yes, anything and on everything you ever want or are passionate about.
  • You are your own boss, you work anytime you like.

Disadvantages Of Making YouTube Videos

  • Making a good YouTube video needs time, dedication, consistency, and patience, and even takes years before you start earning from it.
  • It is very competitive, you need to do your research and good planning.
  • You need to create videos with good content that stick out from the crowd so that people will watch your videos.
  • A little basic knowledge of videography is needed.
  • You need to pay attention to marketing skills, SEO, rankings, thumbnails, etc for monetizing your videos. 
  • Occasionally, some random videos shot on phones do get viral, but that is not the case for YouTubers most of the time.

How To Monetise YouTube Channel

Once you start getting traffic, there are different ways in which you can monetize your videos.

Here are ways how you can monetize YouTube videos.

#1. Google Adsense

Once you met the requirements for monetization, that is 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, you are eligible for monetization.

Your channel or videos should not have copyright strikes or claims.

You need to have a Google Ads account to be able to use this. And you need to have lots of views to rely on these ads.

Depending on your channel rankings, the number of views, and the type of videos you upload, Google will place ads on your videos, and based on the click on those ads, you will get a small commission.

The longer your videos are, the more ads can be placed in your video.

Generally, videos that are more than or at least 10 minutes long are ideal.

#2. Affiliate Marketing

You must be familiar with reviews and tutorials where the YouTubers say, “You can click on the link in the description below”.

These are their affiliate links to the products they review or give tutorials on.

You can do affiliate marketing right from the start.

All you have to do is add your affiliate links in the comment and description section.

You can get your own link by signing up with a marketplace like Clickbank, Commission junction, ShareASale, Amazon, Awin, Impact, Digistore24, TrafficVenture, etc.

You will get your personalized links and put those links on your description.

Whenever someone clicks the link and buys a product, you will get a commission.

This is the most common method used by affiliate marketers.

#3. Sell Products

You can create any informational course like educational training, DIY (Do It Yourself), music classes, cooking, etc, or your own products and creations that people would love.

You can also add your Print on demand sites in the description.

#4. Consulting

If you have expertise in business or startups, you can sell your services for 1 on 1 consulting.

You don’t need many viewers to get paid by YouTube and earn money, all you need is a handful of clients who are willing to pay you for your services.

#5. Brand Sponsorship

If you have a good following and viewers, some brands are willing to pay you money to mention them in your channel or place their product somewhere in your videos.

You can make way more money with YouTube videos. 

Conclusion On How To Make Money With YouTube

If willing to invest a good amount of time in researching what is in high demand in the marketplace and with consistency, and patience, you definitely can make YouTube a source of passive income for years to come. 

One of the main reasons being, that once you made your own videos and uploaded them, they will stay on the web forever.

You need not remake the same video again and again. 

With time, your videos will gain momentum and you will start having more subscribers and your earnings will also increase gradually. 

All you need to do for your older videos is interact with your audience in the comments section and reply to their queries or comments to build trust and bonding.

Of course, success won’t come to you overnight, but if you continue uploading good quality content videos regularly, your hard work will pay off one day. 

There are many YouTubers who earn massive amounts of money from their YouTube channels.

You can be the next one too. It entirely depends on You! 

If you wait for the right time, it will never come. The right time is NOW! 

So, take action on what you’ve just learned and moved ahead to your goal!

NOTE: My best recommendation is that you make your own videos yourself which will be unique and there will be no copyright claims or any legal issues in the future.

DISCLAIMER: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I will get a small commission if you make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. For more info, please read my Affiliate Disclaimer.

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