How To Get Money For Free

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If you think making free money is something like a hoax or scam, then think again…

The internet is flooded with many schemes and apps that promise you free money by doing simple things like watching ads and get paid, like videos and get paid, join a program and win free money… the list is endless.

And yes, there are many scammers who let you do all these works but never pay you.

Thousands and thousands of people all over the world are looking for legit sites where they can watch videos for money daily.

If you are searching for how to get free money online, here are the solutions.

I will tell you genuine sites where you can do very simple things and make free money out of it.

One thing you should bear in mind is, some sites will put a restriction on your first withdrawal process – Like you have to make some number of referrals or complete some tasks.

Make sure your referrals are genuine as they will block your account if they find any faulty in it.


Watch Advertisement For Money


#1. Money For Watching Ads: Follow Fast

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Followfast was built in 2012 and has grown over the years into the network that it is today, with nearly a quarter-million users and having delivered almost 50,000,000 likes to its user’s pages.

It is completely free to join and available worldwide.

This platform is filled with unlimited tasks you can do immediately and earn points.

Those are like subscribing to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Like YouTube videos, Instagram pages, Facebook pages, to name a few.

You can also do simple jobs and earn points in bulk.

Some of those jobs are downloading apps, Commenting on videos, etc.

You can even create your own pages and upload whatever you want to grow your followings.

These points are converted into dollars and can be withdrawn right away.

Though it will take 3 to 7 days to hit your bank account.

The payout system is in Bitcoin.

#2. Money For Watching Ads: RB6-Video

rb6-video company has been in this business since 2007 and offers people worldwide to view prepaid promotional videos of various world advertisers and get money for this.

It is one of the most popular sites to watch videos for money.

How to get money free?

You will make money by watching videos.

And the offer is not bad at all.

For watching videos, you will get $0.60 (₹44) per minute of viewing.

A $10 (₹738) bonus will be instantly added to your account when you sign up.

And when you refer other users, you will get 40% of their earnings to your account.

Honestly, it’s like you get paid for watching videos, without doing anything.

Money can be withdrawn from the system within 1 hour during working hours, or within 3-4 hours during non-working hours, including holidays and weekends.

The payment system available are:

  1. Bank cards of any foreign banks
  2. Bank accounts
  3. Bitcoin wallets
  4. PayPal – (through the Western Union payment system)

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