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Generally, getting approval for any program and product is easy. However, some marketplace would require you to have your own website and as such, even if they offer a very profitable affiliate partner, you will not be approved if you do not have the requirement.

This can leave many affiliates confused and discouraged. Many marketplaces like Amazon, ClickBank, and Digistore24 do not require you to have your own website and will give you instant approval.

We will talk about how to get an affiliate link for promoting products.

The easiest way to get an affiliate link is to search the company name and referral program in the search engine.

For example: If you want to apply as an affiliate for Bluehost, search ‘Bluehost affiliate program or Bluehost referral program’ and you will find the webpage of that particular referral instructions.

Another common way to search for affiliate programs is to directly open a particular website. Generally, you will find the ‘affiliate’ section in the footer section of the website.

All you have to do is to click on the ‘affiliate’ and fill in your details as instructed. You will get a piece of approval information in your mailbox. Sometimes, you might get instant approval without the need to confirm your email detail.

If you want to promote software products in WarriorPlus, you can write a few lines to the vendor. Some vendors will approve you even if you do not add your application. However, I would recommend you write a few lines so that you will get more chances to get approved.

For example:

Hello (Vendor’s name),

I see your product and want to promote it to my audience as I believe it will be beneficial and useful to them. Kindly approve me as your affiliate. Thank you for your consideration.


Your Name.

Adding simple notes like this will give you more advantages for affiliate approval.

Now, we will talk about how to get affiliate approval. Following the following points will improve your rate of affiliate application approval and lesser affiliate application decline.  It is also important to know that some affiliate programs will decline your affiliate applications because of the difference in niche and verticals.

1. Make sure your site is live

When you apply for affiliate approval, add a clickable link to your website. Double check on the website link because if the link does not load on any website, you will be rejected. So, take time to review your URL and make sure it opens your website.

2. Add the correct extension and make no spelling mistakes in the URL

Make sure you add the correct extension like the .com, .net, etc. to your website URL. Be careful to add the slash (/) or colon (:) correctly.

3. Use your website mail address

This is very important if you want your affiliate application to be approved. I have seen a few occasions that my affiliate application got declined when I used my Gmail address but when I re-apply using my website mail address,  I got the approval.

4. State Your Case

Even if your website is not live yet, if you have a solid plan on how you want to promote a particular product or company, you can reach out to the affiliate manager and state your case on how you intend to promote it once your website is ready to launch. You can find the manager’s contact information on the program information page.

5. Update Your URL

If you change your domain name by switching from free sites like Blogger to your own domain, remember to change your URL so that your affiliate approval will remain active.

6. Update Your Website Content

Another condition that affiliate managers used to check whether you are fit to promote their product is your website content. When they check your website and found that you have not updated your content for the past few years or so, your affiliate application is likely to be declined because it gives the impression that you won’t be actively involved in your affiliate promotion. So, make sure you update your website content from time to time.

7. Apply for products that are in your niche category

This in fact one of the most important factors in deciding your affiliate approval.

For example: You are running a software comparison site. And you want to promote fashion products. Your affiliate application is not likely to be approved as it is not relevant to your niche.

Affiliate managers want to be able to look at your site and see a good fit for their merchant’s products.

8. Chose Quality Over Quantity

On your website, you have the right to put up anything you want. However, having good quality content that is relevant and appropriate proves that you are concerned about the brand of the product you want to promote. Make sure that your graphics are high quality and relevant to your content. This is also one of the important factors which will bring easy affiliate approval.

9. Read and follow the terms and conditions

Honestly, nobody has time to read those finely written pages of terms and conditions of the company.

However, I would recommend you to go through the terms and conditions of the company and try to follow any specific instructions or requirement.

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