How To Find eCommerce Niche

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It is not that easy to choose a niche if you are trying to start an eCommerce business. Even if you have already started and are struggling, here are some tips you can apply right away to push your growth and be able to generate sales in your business.

However, when you choose an eCommerce niche, your entire brand will revolve around it, and you will build a target audience based on the qualities of the niche you choose and deal with the pain points that need to be solved.

If you want to start an eCommerce business that grows, you have to pick the right niche.

Strategies To Help You Find Your eCommerce Niche

#1. Try To Follow Your Passion

This might not be what many people would have advised. However, I must say, it is essential to follow your passion if you really want to succeed. This does not necessarily mean you must be deeply passionate about it – if you are, that would be best.

Nevertheless, having an interest in choosing a niche will encourage you to go along even in difficult times because you need to invest a lot of your time, energy and resources to the business. 

You will have a strong sense of purpose to fulfill the work you do and will give your best to make it work for you by exploring all your options to make your business work.

That being said, if you don’t have passion for the product that you are trying to sell, you will quickly lose motivation and hope even at the first roadblock you will face.

On the contrary, if you are an expert in this field, you can follow where the money is. If you know what to do, choosing a niche and market with low competition but are in high demand can be your ticket to financial freedom too. 

Many people have done it this way by employing people to do it for them as they have the necessary money to fuel the business and keep it growing.

#2. Do Your Keyword Research.

What is the point in following your passion but there are no takers? In fact, your passion alone can fuel an eCommerce business, but if nobody wants what you are selling, you will never be able to drive revenue from your products.

In order to be sure that there is a market for your passion, you need to do thorough research on your passion. You can do this research by using free tools like Ubersuggest, or paid tools like Mangools, and SEMrush.

Be sure to keep track of all the data you collect so that you can refer to it often and keep a list of the relevant keywords for your niche.

#3. Check Out Your Competition

As you do your keyword research, you need to closely look at the potential competitors in the market. Your success will depend on it.

If you find several sites that are already dominating the niche you want to choose, you may want to reconsider your choice because it will be hard to compete with them unless you use your creativity to lessen the hurdles you will be facing.

#4. Try To Focus On High Paying Products. 

Many eCommerce business owners focused their market on low-priced products because it looks easier to sell dozens or hundreds of those low-priced items.

That would be good for your business if you tap into a market that has a high demand for it, however, that is not often the case!

Instead, try to get started with the not-so-low-priced products which have a good market for you.

Suppose, your target is to earn $3000 per month, you need to sell 1000 products which cost $3 if you focus on low-priced items, but for the higher-priced item, you would only need to sell only 3 of $1000 or 30 products of $300 and so on.

#5. Track The Trends.

Trends aren’t always the best way to choose an eCommerce niche because many products and fads tend to rise and fall in popularity even without a warning.

This is the reason why you need to be tracking the trends by choosing a niche that shows a consistent upward trend.

One of the best free tools you can use is Google Trends, which let you see the demography where a particular product is in high demand and is trending.

Another platform you can use is directly registering to Sell The Trends. which will help you promote those trending items in the marketplace without wasting your time.

#6. Collecting Emails And Data.

This is one of the tricks that help many eCommerce businesses grow.

According to marketing research and gurus, potential customers need to see the product at least 7 times before they actually decide to purchase them.

Collecting emails would require you to use an email marketing automation tool and that would mean you have to use a landing page to collect the emails of your customers and potential clients.

You can choose any provider of your choice. You can use ConvertKit and it is free and easy to create landing pages for your products.

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