How To Come Up With A Website Name

how to come up with a website name
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how to come up with a website name

You can choose and use any name or word as your domain name. 

That also means you can use your own name or any keyword which may or may not be related to the niche you choose.

A domain is active only after it is registered with any domain registrar with the appropriate domain extension like .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz, etc. It can be registered to a hosting provider even if you do not buy the hosting service.

If you are wondering what a domain name is, a Domain is your identity on the Web. It is a naming system that allows people to easily navigate the servers and web pages.

In simple words, a domain is the name of your website. Your domain name becomes your Brand. Your Domain is like your home address. Any unique word can be your domain name provided it is available for you to register.

Why Is A Unique Domain Name Important?

As a matter of fact, your domain name can be anything you want. 

Many people prefer to use their own name as a domain name. Their name becomes their brand name. It’s not a bad idea though if you have a strong social media presence.

Even if you didn’t have a strong social media presence, you can gradually build up your audience as you provide more and more value to what people want. 

Many successful bloggers used their names as their brands.

However, the downside is that it will be a little more difficult for your branding unless you are kind of a popular or known figure. 

Moreover, if you want to sell your website in the future, it will be very difficult to do so. People would rather buy domain names that do not contain someone else’s name because you cannot change the word of the domain name once it is registered.

So, if your purpose is to flip domains, it’s better not to use your own name!

On the other hand, many domain names also look and sound confusing. You won’t be able to figure out what the website is exactly about until you actually check the website yourself.  

Many domain names are also catchy and easy to understand. You will be able to figure it out instantly when you saw the domain name.

There is no hard and fast rule on naming your domain. It comes down to personal preferences. However, naming a domain name that is unique and catchy based on your niche will allow people to understand easily what your business is about.

You need not actually spend more time in explaining and promoting your brand name or domain name if the name itself is relevant and shows it all when you have a unique and catchy domain name as a well beginning is half done already. It makes things much easier for you.

How To Creating A Domain Name

Here are few important things you can follow while searching for a unique and catchy domain name for your brand.

1. Make It Easy To Spell And Remember

Having a catchy and memorable domain name that is easy to spell out and say is essential because if your domain name is difficult to spell or remember, most people might end up typing the wrong name!

Some people used misspelled words in their domain names and it goes well too.

However, make sure it’s not complicated but kind of come naturally if you want to use misspelled words in your domain name.

2. Use Keywords And Phrases That People Search For As Your Domain Name

It is not necessary to use a single word if you couldn’t come up with a unique name.

However, using the exact keywords or phrases that people search for on the net is good for SEO as it helps you to be seen more easily in the search engine.

This automatically helps in improving your ranking in the search engine. 

You can very well make a rhyming or meaning combination of words but make sure it’s not that very long.

3. If The Domain Name You Want Is Already Taken, Adding Simple Words Like ‘A’, ‘My’ Or ‘The’ Will Help

If you come up with a unique domain name and to your dismay found that it is not available with the .com or the desired domain extension you need, then you can add a prefix or suffix to the name.

For example:

Let’s suppose you want as a domain name but found that it was not available. What you can do is search for or instead. 

By naming this way, you may be able to find the domain name of your choice.

4. Keep Your Domain Name Simple

As far as a domain name is concerned, the more simple and descriptive your domain name is, the more people will find it easier to relate to what they want when they search for anything. 

So, try to keep your domain name simple. If possible, don’t use complex words.

5. Target Your Area

Targeting your local area is a sure way to land huge traffic to your business as people who find you have the buyer intends to what you have to offer.

This is very important and vital for local businesses.

You can do so by including the name of your city or state in it specifically.

For Example:

You are in Nebraska and owns a plumbing business, you can name it and so on.

6. Avoid Numbers And Hyphens

Hyphens and numbers are often misunderstood because people who hear your website address might not know if it’s a numeric number or a word or they can misplace or forget the hyphens.

Whatever the letter or number it may be, it has room to create confusion.

So, if possible it’s better to omit numbers and hyphens unless it is kind of compulsory.

7. Use The Appropriate Domain Name Extensions

Domain name extension like .com is the easiest to remember. 

And most people intentionally and unintentionally connected a domain name with the  .com at the end.

This is the reason why the .com extension is always costlier.

However, it is not compulsory to use the .com extension if your business is specifically catering to like organizations, technical information, etc.

You can use –  .info if your website is about information, or .org if it’s for an organization, .biz for business, and so on.

it has been said that there is not much difference in Google ranking if you use the .xyz or .net or any other domain extensions.

However, as we said before as the .com is the most popular one and easy to remember, most people tend to assume any website domain extension ends with .com. 

Thus, it’s a better choice to have a .com extension. The only downside with going for the .com is it is more pricey than the other extension names.

Conclusion On Creating A Domain Name

You see, it’s not compulsory to name a domain according to your niche.

However, if you could do so, that would give you more benefits, especially when you started out and people need not guess what your brand is all about and it improves your SEO ranking.

Many sites have a domain name which is difficult to figure out what is it about, still, they flourish well because of the value they provide. Such is the same as using your name as a brand.

Whatever it may be, everybody started at ‘Ground Zero’ and gain momentum gradually as more and more people come to know you and your brand.

You can register your domain name at DreamHost, Bluehost, or Namecheap.

What do you think about having a domain name using your name for a brand? Give your comment below!

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