Best Sites To Find And Buy Expired Domains With Traffic

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Looking for a quick tip on how to buy expired domains and make a profit out of them?

Well, you are on the right page because I will share with you all the necessary information you need to know about expired domains and where you can buy those domains for as cheap as $8!

Let’s talk about the basic thing first.


What are Expired Domains?

Expired domains or dropped domains are those domains that are not renewed after the contract period ends. Thousands of domains are dropped or expired daily.

The reasons for those expired domain names can be due to the following:

  • The owners forgot to renew the domains.
  • The owners are not interested in keeping their domains.
  • The owners do not want to pay more for renewing the domain names.
  • The owners do not exist anymore (dead).


What are the advantages of buying expired domains?

Some of the main advantages you will get when you buy an expired domain are:

1. They are already established

Many expired domains may already have tons of traffic and so they are already established and have trust flow.

It can give your site a huge head start and quite often building out a content-rich site on a powerful expired domain is enough to rank on the first page without any work. This is an advantage you just don’t have with a brand new domain!

2. Good domain authority (DA)

Most expired domains already have DA which can be higher than 30. Having a domain authority of above 30 can actually increase your search rankings in Google.

In simple words, Domain authority is a score used by webmasters to check the progress of a site’s growth over time and compare its performance in relation to similar domains. A DA can be up to 100.

3. Good Backlinks

Many expired domains also already have good backlinks which is also a great factor in Google rankings.

You can take advantage of established link profiles and authority that can be repurposed in a number of different ways.

4. 301 Redirects

You can simply take the expired domain you bought and 301 redirect it to your main site. 

This will pass over a portion of the link juice and authority of the old domain to your site immediately and you will get a better benefit if that domain name already has existing traffic!


Where to Find Expired Domains?

One of the best sites to look for expired domains is It provides a huge list of domains that are dropped or expired. 

You will be able to check the DA, Trust Flow, Majesty, Page rank, backlinks count, and much more.


Things you must consider before buying dropped domain names

1. Check the domain authority and trust flow.

Look for domain authority of more than 10 and a trust flow of more than 20. If you find one such expired you can put it on your bucket list to buy.

But do not immediately take out your credit card to enter your details before checking other factors too.

You can check out the domain authority and trust flow at sites like, Moz, etc.

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The trust flow of a domain is determined by the trustworthiness of the domain which is measured by for free.

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2. Verify whether the expired domain you want to buy isn’t banned.

You need to check if the terminated domain you want to buy does not have unwanted pages like p*rn sites or something like that.

You can check it by going to and seeing the history of the site.

You just have to enter the domain name with extensions like .com, .net, etc., and hit the browse history button.

It will show you a calendar of the pages of the site Google has crawled in the past.

Click on each year and check for 3 or 4 months to see the contents of the site.

Another thing to check is to verify whether the domain you are interested in is banned by Google or not.

You can use sites like BannedCheck, and to check for the same.

And if you find any red flags, I would recommend you to steer away from that domain.

If you really want it, you can go ahead but I see no point in buying a dropped domain that was banned by Google AdSense for one of the obvious reasons that you won’t be able to place Google ads even though there are other options for putting ads.

3. Check the number of backlinks of the expired domain.

Most expired domains with good DA generally also have tons of good backlinks.

Check for metrics like:

  • The number of backlinks.
  • The number of anchor links.
  • The number of referring domains.

You can use tools like SEMRush, Ubbersuggest, Moz Pro, Ahrefs, etc.

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Best Sites To Buy Expired Domains

Here are the top sites to find and buy deleted, dropped, or expired domains and make money out of them.

#1. NameCheap Domain Auctions


NameCheap is one of the most popular domain registrars in the world and has 13 million domains under its wing it is also rated 4.7 stars by a whooping of 2 million users!

It sells expired domain names at the most affordable prices and allows you to bid on domain names.

The process is easy. Just sign up at Namecheap then under the domain tap, you will find Marketplace. You can bid on any domain name you like.

Look for Expired domains at NameCheap now.


#2. GoDaddy Auctions


GoDaddy auctions is one of the popular sites for buying expired domains.

The GoDaddy auction section allows you to use keywords to search for domain names you are interested to buy. For example: If you type the word ‘finance’ it will list all the domain names that match with the keyword ‘finance’.

This saves you a lot of time as you can list all the domain names you want within a few minutes.

What you have to do is sign up at GoDaddy. Under the domain tap, you will find ‘Auctions for domain names’ or go directly to GoDaddy Auctions.

Check for expired domains at GoDaddy now.


#3. Flippa Domain Auctions


Flippa is one of the biggest marketplaces for buying and selling domain names and websites.

The domain cost at Flippa is a bit on the higher side but you will get domains with quality from it. It also has a dedicated search engine for finding expired domains where you can find all the active domains, soon-going-to-end domains, brokered domains, etc.

The “Editor’s Choice” column is where you will get a huge list of all those domains that are worth purchasing at Flippa.

Check expired domains at Flippa now.


#4. Domain Hunter Gatherer


Domain Hunter Gatherer offers 3 plans – Free, Premium, and Professional.

The free plan allows you to easily find domains from all of the major domain auction websites with 35+ quality metrics to check the domain you are interested in.

The premium plan which is for $27/month allows you to perform:

  • Domain Auction Hunting.
  • Find Web2.0s with Links and Social Shares.
  • Register Unlimited Accounts for free.
  •  Enter Keywords and hit search.
  • Multi-Threaded for speed.
  • All features from the Free version.
  • 7-day money-back guarantee.

#5.  DomCop


DomCop is also one of the common websites where you can easily find expired domains and buy them. It has more than 20 top 9 websites to buy expired domains.

It has 90+ features to help you easily find domains using the best metrics available from Moz, Majestic, SEMRush, SEMrush, and Social Networks

They currently have 14+ million deleted domain lists and support 46 domain extensions.

Check out expired domains at DomCop now.


#6. NameJet


NameJet is another marketing place for buying expired domain names. With its advanced domain software which displays all the domains for professionals, small businesses, and individuals including those that just expired.

There are three sections in NameJet to choose your domain name:

Hot Picks: This is where you can find all the hand-picked domains by their experts. These domains are usually of high quality and cost some extra money.

Last Chance: This section display those domain names that are going to be auctioned very soon so that you can make an offer to grab them.

Open Auctions: This is the section where all the domains will be shown in open public auctions. It also displays all the closing soon domains.

Check out for expired domain at NameJet now.

Conclusion on best sites to find and buy expired domains with traffic

To sum up, the best websites to find and buy expired or dropped domains are:

  1. NameCheap
  2. GoDaddy Auctions
  3. Flippa Domain Auctions
  4. Domain Hunter Gatherer
  5. DomCop
  6. NameJet.

You need to be careful in checking important details like Domain authority, trust flow, verifying the expired domain is not banned by Google Adsense or any site, and the number of backlinks.

These factors will decide the value and its establishment on the net. If you get a good one, building your own website will easily rank you in the search engine.

Even if you buy those expired domains for the purpose of flipping them, you will be able to get a good price.

I would also recommend you to build up the site until you got a profitable buy. That way, the value will also increase.

Another way to earn money from your domain names without doing anything is to use GoDaddy’s domain parking. Your domain will be used to run advertisements and you will get paid for it.

So, you see, until they are sold, you still can make money out of expired domains.

FAQs on Best sites to find and buy expired domains

What is the expired domain?

Expired domains are domain names that have been registered, but weren’t renewed beyond the initial registration period

What are the deleted domains?

Deleted domains are those domains that are not renewed even during the grace period provided by the domain registrars and become available for everyone to buy.

What is the use of expired domain names?

You can use them to build a new authority site to surpass the competition faster.

You can resell them for profit.

What is the domain redemption fee?

The extra charges taken to renew a domain when it gets expired and even the grace period gets exhausted is called a domain redemption fee.

Do expired domains still work?

Yes, they do work because domain names once created cannot be deleted, meaning they still exist although it is not functional until you buy like new or renew them.

That means they become available for re-registration and anyone can snap them up

Where can I buy expired domains?

GoDaddy, Filippa, and Namecheap are some of the best platforms to buy expired domains.

How long is the Namecheap grace period?

NameCheap offers a grace period of 30 days.

How long does GoDaddy keep expired domains?

GoDaddy keeps expired domains for a maximum of 42 days.

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