16 Passive Income Ideas To Earn $1,000+ Each Month

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Finding ways to make passive income is great because not only will it enable you to focus on other things and goals in life, you can diversify your income. Having passive income streams can significantly change your life.

You can continue to bring in income while you are able to focus on other goals or pursue your hobby that didn’t help you earn anything! Having passive income steam is not something that is just a hoax nor it is something you cannot achieve.

Starting passive income streams will take time or money. You are not going to get rich overnight – it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme type of thing! You need to give efforts to maintain it for years to come – it requires hard work. Yes, creating profitable passive income streams requires hard work. If it is easy, everyone would have succeeded! However, the investment you made will be worth it in the long run.

Here are the 16 best passive income ideas with no or less money.

There are hundreds of passive income ideas and probably you are wondering exactly how can you make passive income! I will show you 16 passive income ideas which will help you create passive income. Some passive income streams will require more setup than others and some income streams are riskier than others.

Some require almost no special skill to make it happen while some require you to learn some skills. Regardless of what type of passive income stream you choose, you need to give effort and put in hard work for anything to work and make it worthwhile!

In this blog, I will tell you different types of passive income ideas which can help you earn extra side income and one day may eventually become your main source of income! Who knows?

Some of the most profitable passive income ideas are as below:

  1. Start Affiliate Marketing
  2. Start A Blog
  3. Write A Book
  4. Create A YouTube Channel
  5. Create An Online Course
  6. Start An Online Store
  7. Become A Video Editor
  8. Create And Sell Templates
  9. Sell Online Printables
  10. Start A Print On Demand (POD) Business
  11. Sell Your Photographs
  12. Rent Out A Room In Your Home
  13. Share Your Internet
  14. Rent Out Your Car
  15. Car Wrapping
  16. Rent Out Your Garage

Let’s talk about them in detail.

#1. Passive Income Idea: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing as you know is one of my favorite passive income sources.  It doesn’t require you to have an inventory or create a product to sell. Affiliate marketing allows you to actually make money while you sleep!

Some of the greatest advantages of doing affiliate marketing are you can do it from anywhere in the world be it from India, Africa, Japan, US – literally from any place.

It also doesn’t require you to spend much time once you are set up! And it actually helps you make money while you are sleeping!

What is affiliate marketing?

An affiliate is someone who promotes other people’s products or services or businesses.

In simple words, Affiliate marketing is when you try to make money by promoting a product link on your social media accounts, website, etc. so that people can buy the product through your link. And in return, you get a commission for every product sold through your links.

There are different companies and businesses to whom you can register as an affiliate and promote their products or services. And when you register yourself, you will be given a unique tracking link. And the company rewards you with a commission which can be sometimes as high as 90% of the product price!

You can share your affiliate links on different platforms such as:

  1. Email
  2. Website
  3. Social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, etc.
  4. Webinar

Here is a complete guide on How You Can Start With Affiliate Marketing.

#2. Passive Income Idea: Start A Blog

There are many ways to make money by blogging. But, to be honest with you, starting a successful blog is not that easy – if it were easy everyone would have become successful at once!

Starting a blog would require you to give a lot of your time and hard work at the beginning – especially the first three months. However, once your online presence is established, you need not put in a lot of hard work. You can update your blog once or twice a week. And your earnings will become passive!

Even if you do not have any idea how to start a successful blog, you can learn from How To Start A Blog here.

If you are wondering how bloggers earn money, let me tell you how! Bloggers earn money from their blogs in five different ways by:

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Putting affiliate links in their blog articles (which is the most common way of making money from a blog).
  2. Display advertising.
  3. Email Marketing – Sending emails with affiliate links to the subscribers.

All you have to do is pick a niche and do your research on keywords. Create articles related to the niche and paste your affiliate links throughout the articles as needed.

Though blogging is not easy to start with, the passive income it can give you in the years to come is amazing.

As I said earlier, you need to put in a lot of hard work in the first 3 months by putting up as many articles as you can. After that, you don’t need to update it every single day – if you can, it is good. But updating your articles once or twice a week will also do.

In fact, affiliate marketing goes hand in hand with blogging.

Blogging is one of the main guaranteed forms of creating passive income in the long run. You can start blogging for free by using platforms like Blogspot and Medium.

#3. Passive Income Idea: Write A Book

Writing a book is not an easy feat however it is one of the best sources of making passive income because once you are done with your book and published in marketplaces like Amazon, your main hard work is done! It gave you the possibility to earn passive income from that same book for years to come.

To get your first sale, you may have to do some promotional work so that your book can be seen by your interested readers. It is not a compulsory thing to do because I have published different books and they got sales without any promotion. It depends on what type of book you are creating.

A popular software called Sqribble will help you create your first book within no time even if you have never written a book in your life! Get Sqribble here with a 50% discount here.

Another option for those who are interested in fiction writing is to use an AI software called Jasper. This software will literally write your story! Right now, Jasper is the Best AI writer you will find in the market! It is worth trying it!

Apart from writing a book, you can actually create different types of books which are called Low or No Content Books. These books can be notebooks – ruled or plain, journals, graph books, etc. You can also create coloring books for kids and adults, puzzle books for kids and adults, storybooks, and much more!

All you have to do is create your free account in Amazon Kindle Publishing. Format the book in a PDF form and upload it on Amazon.

Here is a complete guide on How To Create Your First Book.

#4. Passive Income Idea: Create A YouTube Channel

Video is the most popular form of marketing nowadays and there are thousands of videos uploaded on YouTube daily not to mention the thousands of channels created each day!

Like writing a book, once a video is uploaded, it will be forever present on the web. And if your channel falls into either one of these categories like informative or entertaining, you are more likely to be successful. YouTube can be a very good source of a passive income stream if you are consistent with what you are doing.

Now, everyone is not comfortable before a camera and if you are one of them, do not push this idea away because to create a YouTube channel, you do not need a camera – you can very well create faceless video content. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube itself!

You can do product reviews, give tutorials, and create funny videos, your options are practically endless. And there are tons of people out there ready to consume your content!

I would highly recommend you create your own content. I use the copy and paste method on three of my YouTube channels and they got deleted just like that. Yes, my channels were deleted just like that without a warning! There was no copyright strike or no copyright claim since I edited the videos. Still, they got deleted. And they didn’t give specific reasons why my channels are deleted! And that is really frustrating. So, try to create your very own content!

If you want to become a successful YouTuber, you might want to have a look at this course – How To Create A Faceless YouTube – a complete beginner’s guide.


#5. Passive Income Idea: Create An Online Course

Creating a course sounds intimidating and is not easy for beginners but it can be another great way to create a passive income stream to earn money while you are sleeping!

If you have or know a skill that you specialized in that can help others, you can try creating a course. It is not easy and needs a lot of work. Once the course is created, most of the hard work is done. You need to keep along the maintenance by updating your course as and when needed and helping your students out.

For example:

If you are a sound engineer, you can create a course where you can teach how to do sound mixing, how to control sound in a room and in the open air, and so on. You got the point here!

Where do you sell your online course?

If you have a website, you can put it there. At the same time put your course on Udemy, Reddit, Skillshare and Social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram reels – you can put it on any social media platform.

#6. Passive Income Idea: Start An Online Store

Even if you do not have experience, starting an online store is one of the passive income ideas you can try out. If you are creative or have a business mind, you can start an online store with little or no money. Although it is not completely passive, you can make it more passive by starting with dropshipping.

Drop shipping does not necessarily require you to have an inventory. You can contact sellers from AliExpress and make the suppliers fulfill all the delivery. The downside is you need to deal with customer complaints and refunds and returns which can be a headache sometimes.

Since your customers do not see the physical product before they buy them, you have to deal with customer complaints and refunds and returns due to poor quality of the item, the wrong item received, etc.

One of the secrets to running an online store business like dropshipping is to sell items that are not very costly so that your customers won’t bother to return them even if they do not use them!

Here is a complete guide on how to drop ship. 

#7. Passive Income Idea: Become A Video Editor

Well, this might sound like not for everyone. And you are somehow right in saying so because editing videos is a skill one learned. I also never thought I would be able to learn this skill if not for my husband who taught me the basics thrice! He taught me how to edit videos and images using Adobe Premier pro and now it’s priceless!

If you actually are willing to learn, you can learn from tutorial videos on YouTube, or if you are really serious in become a pro you can take a short course. And if you learn animation, I believe there is a greater advantage than knowing just how to edit videos. Believe me, the video market is booming and there is high demand for video editors out there!

As you would have guessed, you won’t easily land a client if you are just the average.

No work that gives you good money in return is free nor is it easy. You really have to toil for it until you master the skills. I hope you agree with me on this!

You can target many YouTubers who actually are looking for creators by registering yourself at Fiverr, Upwork, and People Per Hour.

And I must also tell you that you need to give yourself at least a month or so to be able to land your first client through emails or any other communications.

Remember, there are also thousands of aspirants like you who are looking out for the same work and so you need to persevere. Once you got your client, give them the best results, and your business will grow gradually because you will never run out of work!

#8. Passive Income Idea: Create And Sell Templates

Templates are digital products that can be downloaded and used instantly. Thousands of people are looking out for different templates for their social media handles and thousands of people are making a killing by just creating and selling templates!

Marketers and businesses are facing enormous tasks to make an impact. And it’s not about the quantity, it’s about quality – something that stands out to be recognizable and provides value to customers.

Suppose you create a template for Facebook, you can use that same template for Instagram with some tweaks.

The common digital templates you can create and sell are:

  1. Facebook templates
  2. Instagram templates
  3. Twitter templates
  4. Linkedin templates
  5. Snapchat templates
  6. Mobile templates
  7. Web templates
  8. Document templates

That is great, but how do I create those templates, if you ask, well, you can use a free software called Canva. It has a free and paid version. With the free version, you still have access to tons of features.

And the most attractive part is Canva offers you all the features of the premium version for free for a whole month! That is a no-brainer!

You can use all the features within Canva for a whole month without paying anything. It requires you to enter your credit card detail when you register but don’t worry, no money will be deducted.

You can upgrade to the premium the next month if you are satisfied and if you want to stick to the free version, cancel your subscription before the billing date!

#9. Passive Income Idea: Sell Online Printables

Printables are digital products that can be downloaded and printed according to convenience at home or anywhere. They can be in any form – templates, checklists, gift tags, quotes for wall art, patterns, coloring sheets, wrappers, cards, planners, stickers, and so on.

Printables are truly passive income sources because you need to do the work once and after you uploaded to sites like Etsy, Zazzle, and Amazon, your product can be sold unlimited times.

You can easily create your printables in Canva. All you need is a computer and creative ideas.

And even if you don’t know how to start with it, you can look up many tutorials and styles and designs in Canva itself and other places like Etsy, Zazzle, and Amazon.

#10. Passive Income Idea: Start A Print On Demand (POD) Business

Starting a print-on-demand business is one of my favorite way of creating passive income streams because it requires no money to get started! Yes, you can start your own print-on-demand store for free!

And what is this Print on demand thing?

Print on demand is simply a process that just prints your designs on t-shirts, mugs, mats, water bottles, stickers, and so on when someone like your designs and orders them! The most common print-on-demand business is T-shirts.

What exactly do you need to do to start your own print-on-demand business?

First of all, you do not need a website of your own to start a print-on-demand business. All you need to do is register at PlaceIt and start creating your designs. It can be images of animals, nature, quotes, etc.

The reason why I love PlaceIt is it has its own stylish mock-ups where you can showcase your designs for people to see. Then you can upload your designs on platforms like Red Bubble, Zazzle, Amazon, and Etsy. And that’s it.

You need not worry about the logistics or customer support since all these things will be taken care of by these marketplaces.

What they do is they will take a small cut of up to 5% of the money from the product sold for using their platforms.

And if your products sell well, they will push them to the front page without you doing anything!

You see, print on demand gives you passive income since you need not do the work again and again. Once you created your own designs, and upload them, your work is done.

You can upload as many designs as you like except for Amazon which will allow you to upload only 10 designs in the beginning.

Here is a complete guide on how to start your own print-on-demand business.

#11. Passive Income Idea: Sell Your Photographs

Most people love to take pictures. If you happened to enjoy clicking images, then this is one of the best ways to make money out of your photographs.

If you are wondering why would people want to buy your photos, let me tell you something. There are millions of images out there on the internet but as companies and businesses like website owners and content creators begin to develop and rise, there is high demand for stock footage which are unique and original. And these businesses are willing to pay a price for the images you have to offer!

Stock photographs are used for different reasons by companies, websites, blogs, and content creators for the fact that businesses and companies need stock images to make their business visually attractive to their intended customers.

Some of the common stock photography you can sell are pictures of:

  1. Automobiles like cars, trucks, buses, boats, airplanes, etc.
  2. Animals such as pets or wild animals.
  3. Sports.
  4. Images of people (you need their permission first to avoid any privacy issues and the like).
  5. Outdoors like landscapes, scenery, travel.
  6. Household items such as kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, etc.
  7. Business settings like offices, someone working, laptops, etc.
  8. Any random images.

Well, you don’t have a camera! I got it but you don’t need to buy one either for now. If you have a smartphone with a good megapixel, you can use your phone as a camera for the time being. If you seriously want to pursue it and base your business on it I would recommend you to go for Kodak PIXPRO AZ401. It is affordable and gives you good output without burning a hole in your pocket.

Selling stock photos can be a great passive income opportunity.

With stock photos, you simply would be uploading photos on websites and receive a commission whenever someone buys one of your stock photos.

Where do you sell your photographs?

Here are the common sites where you can upload your images and make money out of them:

#12. Passive Income Idea: Rent Out A Room In Your Home

This does not require you to buy real estate properties. You can rent out that spare room in your home to someone like Airbnb does.

Actually, Airbnb doesn’t actually have their own rental properties and still, they are making millions out of it! Renting out a room is a good passive income source to make extra money without doing anything.

Renting out a room is not likely to make you rich but it can be a great benefit to pay your bills or buy that coveted item you have been eying for a while now, or simply add up to your emergency funds or savings. It will help you save enough money. It can even help you pay off debt if you have any!

#13. Passive Income Idea: Share Your Internet

If you have a strong internet connection, you can actually make money out of it by using Honeygain.

The Honeygain pays you to share your internet connection with companies that use it as a tower. You will be paid based on the amount of traffic that goes through your connection. You will get $1 for every 10 GB of traffic you have shared.

This is how Honeygain works. It facilitates proxy services to third parties that are trustworthy companies like Fortune 500, data scientists. The network is used by researchers from web intelligence, advertising, and e-commerce companies by extracting insights from the internet using Honeygain to make brand protection, market research, and SEO monitoring services.

Honeygain gives you $5 free for signing up.


#14. Passive Income Idea: Rent Out Your Car

If you have a car that you hardly use, or you work from home and do not need your car, or you have two cars, then renting out to companies Turo can be a source of passive income stream.

Companies like Turo cover your car with up to a $1,000,000 insurance policy and on average can give you $705 per month for listing your car.

#15. Passive Income Idea: Car Wrapping

This is truly passive. If you travel a lot with your car, you can quite as well make money while doing so by registering with companies like Carvitise.

You must have seen some cars wrapped with banners and the company’s name written on it. All you have to do is register your car and let the company give a new outlook to your car by wrapping it with an advertisement. 

Your car will somewhat look like those police cars. The only difference is that you get paid.

#16. Passive Income Idea: Rent Out Your Garage

Like renting out a room, if you have a garage that you can clear out easily or do not use, you can turn it into a money-producing source.

You can actually rent out your garage through Neighbor, which is an Airbnb storage space.

Apart from renting out your garage, you can also rent out your:

  1. Driveway
  2. Basement
  3. Closet

Neighbor gives you the opportunity to set your own rental rates and to whom you want to rent it out.

Conclusion to 16 Passive Income Ideas

To sum up, here are the most practical ways of passive income ideas you can start right away:

  1. Start Affiliate Marketing
  2. Start A Blog
  3. Write A Book
  4. Create A YouTube Channel
  5. Create An Online Course
  6. Start An Online Store
  7. Become A Video Editor
  8. Create And Sell Templates
  9. Sell Online Printables
  10. Start A Print On Demand (POD) Business
  11. Sell Your Photographs
  12. Rent Out A Room In Your Home
  13. Share Your Internet
  14. Rent Out Your Car
  15. Car Wrapping
  16. Rent Out Your Garage

As I said earlier, some do need you to give a lot of hard work and also involve learning skills, some of them can be done just like that! It is up to you which ones you would like to do. I highly recommend you to try and learn a new skill so that you can sell your skill in the time to come.

FAQs On Passive Income Ideas

What is passive income?

Passive income is when you are able to make an income without your active involvement. It is basically making money while you are sleeping.

Of course, you need to do something, in the beginning, to create a passive income source so that you can earn money. The work can be giving your time, learning a skill, making financial investments, and so on. Once the initial hard work is done, you do not need to give the effort to maintain it. It will continue to operate and give you income on its own.

You will need to maintain it once in a while after you set it up. Some passive income sources will require you to give more time than others as they are not all exactly the same.

What are the easiest passive income ideas?

To be perfectly honest, the easiest passive income ideas would be to rent out a room, your car, or your garage, wrap your car with advertisements, and share your internet with Honeygain.

With these things you literally need not do anything. However, to be able to create a truly passive income that will continually generate your income, you need to give some amount of time or money, in the beginning, to be able to start with it.

Is it difficult to earn passive income streams?

Starting a passive income stream is not always going to be that easy but very highly attainable if you are willing to put up work upfront.

While some passive income ideas will require you to give more time and hard work or money, many can be done completely for free.

So, the bottom line is no matter which type of passive income idea you want to go with, you need to work for it at the beginning and try to do more than the average to become successful with what you are doing. Nothing comes for free.

What are the advantages of having passive income streams?

Being able to create passive income streams will make your life a whole lot better! Here are the advantages of having passive income sources.

You can make money while you sleep or focus on something else.

It gives you the freedom of time so that you can do what you love be it spending more time with your loved ones, going on vacation, pursuing your dreams and hobbies, or traveling the world.

You are basically not trading your time for money as the income sources produce money on their own.

You can retire early with ease.

No need to worry about those unpaid bills or mortgages as the income you get from those passive incomes will add up and continue to bring you money day after day and month after month without your active intervention.

How can I make a passive income with no money?

The passive income ideas listed above could be started with no money.

You can start creating your own passive income streams with no money with the following:

  1. Start Affiliate Marketing
  2. Start A Blog
  3. Write A Book
  4. Create A YouTube Channel
  5. Create An Online Course
  6. Start An Online Store
  7. Become A Video Editor
  8. Create And Sell Templates
  9. Sell Online Printables
  10. Start A Print On Demand (POD) Business
  11. Sell Your Photographs
  12. Rent Out A Room In Your Home
  13. Share Your Internet
  14. Rent Out Your Car
  15. Car Wrapping
  16. Rent Out Your Garage

There are many free resources on the internet to help you get started. You can also take courses to develop specific skills to help you stand out from the crowd.

How can I make $1,000 a month of passive income?

There are different ways to make passive income. The list given above can help you make $1,000 or more in a month. You may choose one, some of them, or even do all of them to create your own streams of passive income depending on your interest.

Other than the list we talked about, if you have the resources you can also start with invest in high-yield stock dividends, real estate investment, flipping domain names, and peer-to-peer lending, to name a few.

Why should I have more than one income source?

It is advisable that you have more than one income source for the obvious reason – financial security.

According to market research, most millionaires have on average 7 different sources of income.

I don’t mean for you to immediately try to create 7 streams of income because creating a passive income stream is not a quick get-rich scheme. You need to give it time and effort to make it happen.

Having more than one stream of passive income sources will allow you to be at ease – as money will come to you in different ways.

Even if your one source of income suffers a bad month, you still have backups from other income streams that you have created and so you don’t have to worry about bills or be in debt!

I highly recommend you educate yourself and develop some skills so that you can sell your expertise to the hungry market!

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